Campaign structure

Play sessions of Rhykarst will be organized like a television show. Each session is like an “episode” and each overarching plot thing is a “season.” The main difference between how we’re going to be doing things and how your average television show works is that “seasons” will have far fewer “episodes” than their television counterparts. At least, at the beginning.

To get a sense of how this is going to work: we’re starting with Wizards’ published Keep on the Shadowfell story. That is going to be Season One, and it is planned to span three episodes. Depending on how things go, (i.e. a session drags on too long, so we have to cut it short, or we blast through encounters and decide to keep playing), episodes may be added or removed from a season.

As stated above, we’re going to start with Keep on the Shadowfell, but, once that’s done, we may try a sandbox-type game, moving around on a hex grid world map. I dunno, we’ll see.

Season One: Keep on the Shadowfell

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Season Two: (TBA)

Campaign structure

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